Disruptive Successor Podcast

Episode 16 - Corporate Finance Fast Track Entrepreneur Trey Taylor Turns Owner of 3rd Gen Insurance Business, Author, Consultant and Investor

Episode Summary

Joining Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor Podcast is Trey Taylor, and they will be talking a lot in the areas about the family business. Trey shares his story on how he started in the family business side of things and will be sharing insights from his book.

Episode Notes

Trey Taylor is a Managing Partner in the Threadneedle, The Taylor Family Office. Threadneedle was formed to optimize growth among a closely held set of assets in the financial services, real estate, and early-stage investment industries.

Trey Taylor directs investments for Threadneedle, a single-family office with entrepreneurial roots in the financial services industry. They hold investments in insurance and financial services, commercial real estate, and early-stage technology investments.

Trey Taylor is the author of the book called ‘A CEO Only Does Three Things,” which is available on Amazon. You can also visit the following websites to learn more about Trey’s business.

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