Disruptive Successor Podcast

Episode 15 - Jeff Gould - California's Real Estate Asset Advisor to MultiGenerational Families

Episode Summary

Jeff Gould joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor Podcast. Jeff shares and talks about the trends in the real estate family business in building modernization strategies.

Episode Notes

Jeff Gould is the Principal and Founder of Lineage Asset Advisors, Inc. They provide a full-service commercial real estate advisory and consulting firm based in Los Angeles. The LAA team provides customized commercial real estate services to help families make seamless transitions with their properties - from one generation to the next.

Jeff is also the Director of the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge, an innovative utility-funded initiative. In his current position at the LABBC, Jeff manages programs and strategic partnerships, including LABBC's multifamily, affordable housing, and building technology expansion initiatives.

You can reach Jeff Gould on the following links below.

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