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Episode 23 - Pioneering Affordable Credit to Latinx Businesses with Sean Salas

Episode Summary

Sean Salas joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor. Sean shares his story of how it’s like to be raised by an entrepreneur mother who has shown him firsthand the good and the bad when it comes to building a business. He then elaborates on how he managed to lay the foundations of his breakthrough in face of adversity.

Episode Notes

Sean Salas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Camino Financial, a FinTech platform that pioneers the access of underbanked Latinx businesses to affordable credit. Working together with his twin brother, Kenny Salas, their platform is powered by over 65 talented associates based globally who share and actualize their platform’s mission in the US and have already fundraised over $125 Million in equity and debt. 

Born to a bloodline with a calling for business, Sean’s story began at such a young age as he and his twin brother were born to an entrepreneur mother who has built and lost her business over the course of 25 years that’s left their family in a huge loss. From there, the twins decided that they would devote their lives to NEVER LEAVE A SMALL BUSINESS BEHIND which led to the establishment of Camino Financial while they were completing their MBAs at Harvard Business School. Prior to this, he had completed his BA from UC Berkeley and worked in private equity and investment banking where he oversaw four portfolio companies with combined revenue of over $250 million, invested close to $50 million in direct equity investments and structured $1.2 billion in debt financings.

Fast forward to today, Salas has been the go-to commentator when it comes to discussing FinTech and Latino entrepreneurship after his appearance on Univision, CNN, and Discovery Channel. He also hosts a podcast show - FUNDAMENTAL FAIRNESS, where he strikes conversations with industry thought leaders and bridges the gap between FinTech and financial inclusion. He is a Board Member of two non-profit organizations, the US-Mexico Foundation and the Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association (HBSLAA). 

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