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Episode 27 - Why Every Business Needs a Process Documentation Program with Gary Vanbutsele

Episode Summary

Gary Vanbutsele joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor. Gary shares about the necessity behind a proper structure within a business and having to streamline things in order for the company to work things out cohesively. He then shares the details that got him to start his own business that supports companies in their goals to speed up their growth.

Episode Notes

Gary Vanbutsele is the Co-Founder and CEO of Whale, a knowledge and training platform, headquartered in Belgium, for SMEs that help centralize a company’s processes, SOP’s, policies, and tribal knowledge for a faster onboarding and training of new hires. 

Through Whale’s platform, the intra company’s system functions to reimagine the way employers train and empower their team by delivering contextual, bite-sized content to teams in their moment of need, so they can learn while doing. They basically market their solutions in four buckets - The C- Level, The Manager, The Expert, and The Novice.

A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from HOGENT University and earned his Master’s in Mass Communication from Ghent University, Gary is a known expert when it comes to knowing the importance of building systems and structures in a company as he’s also Co-Founded and Managed a business prior to Whale, which is Direct, a digital IT servicing company that helps companies use technology to gain complete advantage in their business execution. With him taking the reins for Whale, he’s stepped back from Direct as a Board Member.  

Get access to a 14-day free trial of the Whale platform when you visit https://www.usewhale.io/

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