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Episode 30 - Scott Snider Builds and Exits Landscape Company at Age 24 to Become President of His Family-Run Exit Planning Institute

Episode Summary

Scott Snider joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor. Scott shares his story about how he started his own landscape company at 17 and having to sell it when he reached 24 so he can run his family’s business.

Episode Notes

Scott Snider is the nationally recognized industry leader, growth specialist, and lifetime entrepreneur who is the President of the Exit Planning Institute (EPIC) and leads the strategic direction and growth of the company while also overseeing the operations. Having purchased the organization in 2012 with his father, Chris Snider, Scott assumed the leadership role where he expanded the company regionally, nationally, and globally, and provided transformational educational experiences to advisors from all specialties. 

As someone who has experienced exiting his own business, Scott is very passionate about helping business owners create companies that are true to their worth and establish an alignment with their personal financial plans. He also helps these same owners find and tap their personal purpose. These are how Scott and his team at EPI work their expertise and they achieve these by educating professional advisors who surround the business owner throughout the journey. They make it a point to create not just significant companies but also significant teams and outcomes. 

Utilizing his biggest talents, market penetration and rapid growth strategies, Scott was able to launch his first business at 17, which he established outstandingly and exited successfully at 24 to join forces with his father’s private exit planning and M&A firm - Aspire Management. Within a year, he transformed Aspire into one of the most influential boutique advisory firms in Cleveland. It’s from this point on that drove him, together with his father, to purchase the Exit Planning Institute, develop the Value Acceleration Methodology, write an Award-winning book, and effectively increase the business by 10x its purchasing size. 

Learn more and connect with Scott Snider through his LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-snider-epi/

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