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Episode 55 - Digital Marketing with Eric Rebelo

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Disruptive Successor podcast, Jonathan Goldhill talks to Eric Rebelo, founder and manager of the Digital Business Development Firm based in Northern California. Eric talks about the myriad of strategies that business owners can employ if they want to take advantage of digital marketing. While he doesn’t think that traditional media is dead just yet, he believes that digital marketing often can deliver better results at cheaper prices. He also talks about how customers often don’t want to be sold to. In today’s age, customers are able to access information and make a purchase decision on their own. Therefore, with digital marketing, the trick is to educate and guide the customer to a favorable purchasing decision.

Episode Notes



Eric: "Customer acquisition and getting clients and scaling a business are the probably one of the most difficult things there is because it's the lifeblood of your business. And if everyone could do it, then everybody would be millionaires."

Eric: For me, I would just lay out all of the different things that business owners are trying to figure out what to spend their time on and then make a chart of okay, this has the potential of this much ROI. 

Eric: It depends on where the business is at on their revenue level. But if they are at a lower revenue level, they could spend a lot of time trying to get organic people trying to view organic content and things like that. But manual outbound and just outbound prospecting is probably the highest ROI thing you can do as long as their marketing message and position of their offer is good.”

Eric: "A lot of people in manual outbound are just hitting with a straight pitch right off the bat. And that doesn't end up well because nobody wants to be sold to. They want to have that inbound feel where they are coming to you because they have a problem that needs to be solved."

Eric: "I think inbound is becoming more important because of how consumers in general, their mindsets are shifting to, okay if I want something I'll google it. If I want food, I uber it." 

Eric: "Because they are able to have access to whatever they want in this Information Age, they want the same thing with your business. They want to see an ad from you, go to your website, possibly convert into a lead because your offer is really good, then when they actually get into the phone with you, you're educating them, just guiding them. You're not selling them, you're just asking questions, making closing statements, hailing objections. Then eventually it just leads into the sale." 

Eric: "70% of the buying decision for a lot of markets is made by the person before they even talk to you. Because they did the research on your website, they did the research on your ads, they looked at your reviews, they did the research on Google and all these things, maybe asked a couple of friends and did all that before they even called you."  

Eric: "Business owners should be as clear and consistent with whatever their goals are as possible and really sit down and be honest with themselves on what they really want. Because that whey say their goals are can actually be less or more than what they actually say."

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