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Episode 56 - How And Why Leaders Must Tell Stories with Juliet Hahn

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Disruptive Successor podcast, Jonathan Goldhill talks to Juliet Hahn: storyteller, consultant, and host of Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn. Juliet talks about the power of storytelling for entrepreneurs and business leaders, and why it’s important to articulate the story of what you’re trying to achieve to internal and external stakeholders alike. To create a powerful story, Juliet says it’s crucial to tap into one’s personal history and dig in for those bits and pieces that define you, even if you may not realize it yet. The trick is to embrace vulnerability, and let people into the nitty gritty. It may not always be pretty, but it’s necessary to connect with people on a deeper level to make your story resonate. As a person who grew up with dyslexia, Juliet knows how it feels like to be an outsider, and the value of working hard to achieve results despite the hardships that are in your way.

Episode Notes



Jonathan: "I've always said that leaders need to be really good storytellers because they need to tell the vision of where their company is going. Some leaders really struggle because they're not really strong leaders, they're more small business owners that are small business-minded. But they struggle to tell the story of where this business is going. Like what's the vision here, folks."

Juliet: "I learned really young that if you connect with people through storytelling, you're gonna connect with them on a different level. They're gonna see you on a different level. It's gonna be a little bit more vulnerable."

Jonathan: "I think we all have different ways of processing information. I think it's really important, especially for entrepreneurs to recognize that your skills are probably a genius ability, you probably just aren't tapping into it or aren't accepting it."

Juliet: "I think sometimes it's important to go back into your past and really think about different things that maybe, you got a ping in your stomach. And you don't really sometimes wanna think about it, but that's where the vulnerability comes in."

Jonathan: "People are moved and will follow you when they feel like they connect with your story. And I think people connect with your story best when it really comes from your heart and your gut." 

Juliet: "There is a negative connotation to daydreaming. Like, oh there's that kid that's always daydreaming their head is always in the cloud. But that kid is creating and daydreaming is positive. You can put a different word if you don't like the word daydreaming. But it is really important for you to find that time where you let your brain go and wonder and think about your story or think about how you want your life to be."

Juliet: "The story doesn't always have to be tragic. You don't have to have a tragic story to have people connect with you... it doesn't have to be tragic for you to be successful. You're connecting with the people that you're meant to be connecting with."

Juliet: "You have to believe in yourself to be able to share your story. But someone is going to connect with you in some way. Even though if you had the most perfect upbringing, you never had any trauma, if you look back there is going to be something that you'll think about that maybe defined you."

Juliet: "I truly do believe, whether its God or universe, whatever you believe in, that we all do have a purpose and a path. Not all of us find it, and not all of us find it at the same time. But when you are present with yourself and you allow yourself to be open to the people you're meeting, you never know why that person is brought to your life or how you can help them or they can help you, or what the reasoning is that yo guys have been connected. And like I said, if you're not present with yourself, you're not gonna be present with others."

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