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Episode 60 - Measuring Leadership & Coaching Effectiveness with CEO, Bill Eckstrom of EcSell Institute

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Jonathan Goldhill talks to Bill Eckstrom. Bill is the CEO of EcSell Institute, the only organization to measure and quantify leadership effectiveness. As the foremost authority on metric-based performance coaching and growth, Bill has a lot to share about the positive impact that good coaches can bring to any organization. Bill also talks about how to optimize for growth by ensuring that your teams are in the optimum state of discomfort, instead of being in a state of comfort where they are not growing as much, or the state of chaos where there is no growth at all.

Episode Notes



Bill: "When it comes to leadership and coaching, to us and when we studied athletic coaches, they seemed to comprise a better understanding of what creates the most discretionary effort or growth outcomes of the team."

Bill: "Typically, to be a great coach, you're probably a great leader. It'd be hard to be a great coach without being a great leader, but great coaches know how to motivate great coaches, know how to strategize, great coaches have the proper structures and disciplines. Great coaches know how to identify talent, acquire talent, develop talent."

Bill: "As a leader, I'm only as effective as how my team performs and how they perform is based on who I am and what I do." 

Bill:  "Are you in a place of comfort, meaning that you're not growing as much? Are you in a complexity environment where you really are in a high growth mode or are you in a state of chaos or stagnation where no growth is occurring or perhaps negative growth is occurring?"

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