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Episode 62 - The Role Of Innovation In Business with Dan McClure & Jenny Wilde

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Jonathan Goldhill talks to Dan McClure and Jenny Wilde. Dan and Jenny are the great minds behind Innovation Ecosystem, which aims to help innovators and leaders deliver impactful new ideas that work in the real world and produce real value. The duo talk about innovation in businesses of all sizes, and why even smaller companies should not be complacent in their operations. This is because often, it’s small businesses that bear the brunt of disruptions, may it be through emerging technologies, a global pandemic curtailing movement, or disasters both man-made and natural.

Episode Notes



Dan: "If you're making those small incremental changes, whether you're a leader or a lagger isn't so much of an issue. In those situations, you're really just saying how quickly are you gonna get in front of this opportunity. When you're dealing with disruption, oftentimes the difference between the first mover and the third mover is the difference of whether you survive or not."

Jen: "There are consistent disruptions going on, and this is where you are either the disruptor or the disrupted." 

Dan: "One of the things that's really great about right now is that you can think with a degree of complexity at any scale. You can be the guy who is imagining a way to do both services. Or you can be Elon Musk and you're gonna reinvent the entire global industry on everything kind of thing."

Dan: "See the bigger picture, whether that's within your own business or the opportunities around you. But deliberately take steps back and see bigger pictures of what the opportunities and challenges are. Getting into that habit of stepping back and seeing the bigger picture then enables a whole lot of additional new types of thinking."

Jen:  "This idea of standing on the balcony, looking over at your business and saying. 'what does this look like, what needs to change, how do I move pieces around people, parts, services, etc.' And going to the dancefloor, which would include talking the customers and doing a bit of a boogie, and then looking into the operational picture. Often we'll say, 'Are you spending enough time on the balcony?' or for some people, 'Are you spending enough time on the dancefloor?'"

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