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Episode 64 - The Importance of KPIs with Jack Tompkins

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Disruptive Successor, our guest is Jack Tompkins, a business analyst consultant entrepreneur. Jack is the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose mission is to help small businesses become data-driven. Jack and his team helped small businesses become more data-driven by creating KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, and dashboards with visual representations of their performance, along with analytical support to fully tell the story of their business.

Episode Notes



Jonathan: “People don't like us that we're analysts, you know, that we're analytical that we want to know. Too many small businesses just focus on the profit and loss and just like, am I making money and and like, that is missing the boat.”

Jonathan: “We have to know what the leading indicators are. And these are why we use KPI so we can know how we're doing.”

Jonathan: “And so it's one thing a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, they look at indicators. And they focus on sales and marketing indicators only. They don't focus on operating metrics.”

Jack: “So that's kind of when I'm not like trying to convince anybody, just when I'm talking about it, like, Hey, if you invested in a dashboard, or if you became a bit more data driven, let's say, at the very, most, maybe it's five grand, maybe it's 10 grand, or something like that. But if that helps you save 15 grand, or make better decisions, you make an extra 20 grand or something, the ROI is kind of a no brainer.”

Jack: “I know it's kind of a new agey type thing in sports. It is not that new agey in business, it is how successful businesses have been running for a long time. It's now kind of trickling but trickling down into the small businesses and entrepreneurs and becoming a lot more accessible there, which is the whole point of my business, but also just really exciting for the industry in whole.”

Jack: “65% of people are visual learners, but I would guarantee that 100% of people, if they look at their scorecard and they see a big red down arrow or a big red square, that is going to be a red flag to them and they will look closely at it.”

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