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Episode 65 - What Rising Generation Leaders Need to Know with Scott Drake

Episode Summary

Today in The Disruptive Successor, we have Scott Drake, social entrepreneur, and leadership training innovator. Scott is the founder and Executive Director at JumpCoach, a social enterprise on a mission to make best in class leadership training available to everyone who needs it. Scott defines what leadership is, how it is measured, how leadership coaching is done and shares stories about his clients.

Episode Notes



Scott: “Well, it wasn't my full time job. It was my passion project. And so I didn't have to bankroll doing nothing else for five years, but no, okay. What I was curious about is leadership is just this nebulous, confusing, fuzzy thing.”

Scott: “Let's make it practical, let's make it what does it actually mean? And to me, it means working through others to get things done.”

Scott: “An A player on one team can be a D player on a different team, simply because of the way that the leader interacts with them.”

Scott: “I think the key for modern leadership is compassion. And it's really looking after your people like you want your people to want to help you.”

Scott: “People work and people give their best effort. People show up at work, because there's some purpose bigger than just earning a paycheck or some purpose bigger than making somebody else more money.”

Scott: “You have to accept that not everything can be predictable, not everything can be efficient, not everything can be and that's the wrong goal. Do you truly want innovation? Then you have to leave some slack. Right? You can't have everything, you know, budgeted precisely to the penny into the minute into the hour, you just can't do that with innovative work.”

Scott: “I think one of the harder things that I've had to try to get people to realize is that you're going to be respected more and appreciated more, if you do some other things, like you mentioned a few of them, you know, clarity and compassion, and just really set the table for these people to shine. But get out of their way and let them be the hero of the story. That's really what's going to help them give you the most value.”

Scott: “The single biggest thing about being a good leader is how you think about it. It's not skills. It's not the scorecard. It's not understanding this, it's not understanding that it is this idea that my job as a leader is to work through others, and is to be more of a facilitator and more of an enabler than it is to be a doer.”

Scott: “As a leader, you have to emotionally be able to step back and say, it's more important for them to get this to get this win for themselves than it is for me to jump in and be the technician.”

Jonathan: “First, build a cohesive leadership team. Second, create clarity, third, over communicate that clarity. And fourth, reinforce that clarity.”

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