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Episode 66 - A Millenial's Guide to Wealth and Freedom with David Rosell

Episode Summary

Today on The Disruptive Successor podcast, Jonathan Goldhill will be joined by David Rosell of Rosell Wealth Management and Entrepreneurial Firm from Bend, Oregon. David has spent the past 20 years helping affluent individuals and families who are at or near retirement, to live the life that they've always imagined.

Episode Notes



David: “These days, people are phasing out of work much earlier, they're living much longer. And no one wants to be put out of use. Most people that we work with are looking at this as stage chapter three of their life, and they're really just beginning. So the term I like to replace retirement with is being financially independent or independent of the paycheck.”

David: “Out of those 91 clients, we have every different type of personality, okay. And when we're creating a plan, it's certainly not boilerplate, their wealth distribution life plan, we call the risk blueprints. Because what's important to one person is so different for the next person.”

David: “I would say that riches come more from the size of your bank account. And more importantly, in my opinion, wealth comes more from your heart, and your happiness.”

David: “So there's always changes going on, which is another reason why we believe it's so important not to have a set it and forget it approach when it comes to financial planning.”

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