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Episode 67 - Thinking of Succession? How to Find Fulfillment with Chris Yonker

Episode Summary

Jonathan’s guest today in The Disruptive Successor show is Chris Yonker, a seventh degree blackbelt practitioner in NLP, known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, with 25 years of experience in running strategy and execution in 3M, one of the pre-eminent companies in America. Chris is the founder and CEO of The Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment, where he and his team are focused on working with companies, family businesses, as well as high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities to get clarity on what their true goals are—and then create the strategic mindset and behavior changes needed to get them there.

Episode Notes



Jonathan: “Strategy is such a key part of business, and too many small and medium sized businesses don't really even understand what their strategy is, or how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. And I think that when you take a strategy of innovation, and then you make it part of the alchemy of your company, it really brings it to life.”

Chris: “These ideas of creating a centered life, and a life that's got a higher state of consciousness tied to it, there's an opportunity to transform within that. So that we can redefine who we believe we are in our life experience, it doesn't mean that we're going to become a different person. But in many cases, what it does mean is I'm going to navigate more for my truth instead of from an ego.”

Chris: “I find the people that end up working with me. They want to transition but at the end of the transition, they want to have more peace. That's the common thread. They want peace.”

Chris: “Individuals' interest goes first. Because otherwise, what do you end up with? I've worked with families where I came in, and then there's family members involved in the business and they don't want to be there.”

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