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Episode 68 - How to Get Ahead in Your Family Business with Nancy Fox

Episode Summary

The Disruptive Successor goes Women Empowerment in this week’s episode as we welcome our guest, Nancy Fox, who puts the power in women’s hands. Nancy is an author, a career coach, and the founder of The Business Fox, a venture focused on business advisory and training for high-performance entrepreneurs and professionals, a Neuroscience mindset, and business tools for advanced business results. In this episode, Nancy shares her views and advice on how women can command their worth, and how families can effectively run their businesses in the separation of personal issues.

Episode Notes



Nancy: “The number one issue that everybody wants is more confidence, because we all know that any lack of confidence is like a glaring missing tooth, people can feel it, even if you try to cover it up.

Jonathan: “I should say, not equally, but getting treated fairly, is what I think is really important.”

Nancy: “When a problem occurs in a family relationship, it is magnified in the business and thought about.”

Nancy: “Everybody wants to live a fuller, more, more, more value driven, more purposeful life and feel like they're making a difference as well as earning a living.”

Nancy: “When you're working in a family business, you have to have your ears and eyes open and recognize that this is a different structure, and is always going to be a different structure.”

Nancy: “This is a great time to take stock of what we're really all about, what's really important to us. Whether you're a man or a woman, I think everybody's asking the same question these days is like what am I really all about? What's my life really all about?”

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