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Episode 58 - Think Thin Manufacturing with G2 CEO Andrea Dallan

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Disruptive Successor podcast, Jonathan Goldhill talks to Andrea Dallan, CEO at Dallan. Andrea shares the transition when he took over as CEO of the company and the initial challenges he faced with learning the technical side of things and innovating on the vision of the company. He also shares the topics of his books and how improving manufacturing design not only makes for more sustainable business practices using less raw materials, it also directly translates to higher profit margins for the company. Andrea also details the division of management and leadership in their company and the standardized way they structure their meetings to manage hundreds of projects per year.

Episode Notes



Andrea: "It was more important to, considered that when taking over one company with 150 to 160 people, it is difficult for me, who I don't have his depth of knowledge, maybe in the technical part or in every single aspect of the business."

Andrea: "When you design the product in the right way and the process in the right way, you can produce exactly the same product using less raw material, less energy, less labor also. And so overall you can have a much more sustainable process, so a green production system, at the same time, producing big result in terms of profits."

Andrea: "We actually do have all our standardized meetings for each type of function. Since every machine becomes a kind of a one project, our job is very much close to a project management job. The only thing is that we manage over 250 projects per year, so it's quite extensive.”

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